The Best Crossbow Under $500

best crossbow under $500 reviews
Crossbows are vastly popular amongst hunters and shooting enthusiasts and while many may not believe these are used in modern times, they actually are highly used today. So, what is a crossbow? Well, crossbows are a bow, quite opposite to a long bow, their constructions are horizontal in effect and the horizontal bow sits on a strong stock which also holds the trigger mechanism.

For hundreds of years, crossbows were an everyday weapon since they were easy to load although, not overly fast but were accurate in short and long distances. However, as times changed so too has the role of the crossbow in everyday life; and modern crossbows are studier.

Yet, these aren’t used as a conventional weapon for law enforcement or militia but rather for hunting and shooting sports. Some military outfits can in fact use crossbows in combat but only when stealth is required. After all, the crossbows are in fact quiet to shoot and as we all know, stealth is crucial.

What is the best crossbow under 500? It might seem like a difficult question to answer but in actual fact it’s not. Read on and find a few of the best crossbow under 500 reviews.

Top 5 Rated Best Crossbow under 500 Reviews


The SA Sports Empire Terminator 260 FPS Crossbow 175-Pound

With a speed of two hundred and sixty FPS, the SA Sports Empire Terminator 260 FPS crossbow 175-pound is a perfect crossbow to choose from. It is a lovely tool and not overly big either so hunters will enjoy a more compact feel. The draw weight is around one hundred and seventy pounds and there is plenty of quality on board.



The SA Sports does look to be a very impressive crossbow. Now, on first glance you might think this is just another crossbow and a simple one at that but actually it’s overly impressive. You are getting a strong designed and excellently quality crossbow. This is sturdy and very strong so this is going to last a long time and of course it’s durable too so that’s always a plus point!

The camouflage finish is lovely and so impressive too. You can blend in nicely with the background scenery or outdoor wooded areas. However, the costs are good and affordable and the site is an amazing addition to the crossbow.


The Manticore 150LBS Crossbow with Scope

Finding a great crossbow under 500 dollars can be extremely tough for some but once you have an idea as to what options you have, it’ll be far simpler. The Manticore 150lbs crossbow with scope is such a great tool to consider buying. This is a top quality crossbow and one that offers accuracy also.



To be honest this does look more of a basic crossbow and yet it’s still very nice. Now, looks don’t count when it comes to quality because that is what hunters need and want. The Manticore crossbow does in fact offer all the quality you’d need and it really does look nice. The simple design is perfect and the wooden stock is amazing and real!

However, this is a powerful little crossbow and it does pack a punch too! The aluminum barrel is very good and the construction is at its best. The auto safety cocking mechanism is really good and it will help to keep the crossbow on target and accurate too. This does offer everything a hunter will need and it is a quality crossbow.


The Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit

One of the best crossbows under 500 must be the arrow precision inferno fury crossbow kit. The Arrow Precision is such a perfect little crossbow and with the anti-dry fire trigger mechanism, you can be assured to shot targets smoothly. The thumb guard protection is an excellent feature and a useful one at that!



The finish is quite unique. At first glance you might not give it much thought but when you take a very close look at the crossbow, you will see how lovely it is designed. The camouflage look is quite appealing and you get to blend into the forest too so that’s good for hunters! You really need to make sure the crossbow blends in so that you don’t scare the animals away.

However, the crossbow isn’t overly heavy; this is lightweight in comparison to many other crossbows so that’s great. It’s compact in a sense and very easy to transport so portability is at its best here. This will help you to carry the crossbow from your home to the chosen hunting area and back again. Also, it’s easy to maintain and if you take care of the crossbow, it should last a lifetime.


The Killer Instinct KI350 Crossbow with KI LUMIX Scope

Another great option to consider must be the Killer Instinct KI350 crossbow with KI LUMIX Scope. FPS stands at 350 which is tremendous! You do not often see a crossbow with such a high FPS so this one is really quite impressive. Serious hunters are going to adore this crossbow and it’s not hard to see why! However, this is surprisingly lightweight and it’s great because it makes it very easy to carry around and transport.



The Killer Instinct is in fact well balanced weighing in at six and a half pounds so that is really quite impressive. The trigger pull feature is easy to use and the draw weight stands in at just over one hundred and seventy pounds! Loading and firing this crossbow can be done quickly but of course you still need to line up your shots to get precision aiming.

The string suppressors are great as it helps to keep arrows quiet and almost soundless! The construction is quite impressive and very strong too. Being able to have a strong crossbow is very important for hunters and this is certainly strong. The durability factor is at its best and this is super affordable too.

The Wicked Ridge by Ten Point Invader G3 Crossbow Package with ACU-52

One of the best crossbows under 500 has to be the Wicked Ridge by Ten Point invader G3 crossbow package with ACU-52. The crossbow offers simplicity from start to finish and it is suitably priced as well. However, hunters will enjoy this crossbow as it is easy to use and maintaining it is simple also.



The Wicked Ridge shoots at three hundred and thirty FPS and that is very good. You do not often see such a powerful crossbow so this is a real treat. However, the design is very impressive as it appeals to most and it really is a uniquely designed crossbow as well. The camouflage finish is really quite nice and this is going to appeal to hunters worldwide.

The crossbow isn’t too heavy either, it’s lightweight and it isn’t more than six or so pounds. That is really an important factor to remember because it means the balance is at its very best. However, the crossbow is a premier tool and one that brings pure quality from start to finish.

The Best Recurve Crossbow Under $500

The XR175 Recurve crossbow package is truly one of the very best crossbows to consider today. If you are looking for the best recurve crossbow under 500 you are going to find the XR175 to be an excellent option. This is a vastly strong crossbow and it’s going to appeal to any hunter too. However, hunters will find this to be an extremely versatile crossbow and useful for any prey also.



The construction of the crossbow is extremely impressive. This is sturdy and that is of course vastly important as it helps to ensure the crossbow is strong and durable too. If the crossbow is strong, it’ll last far longer and hunters absolutely want that. The crossbow comes with a molded fiberglass limb and a composite stock.

Hunters are going to enjoy this crossbow as it’s vastly popular. However, it is such a crucial tool to use and one that is very useful indeed. Setting this up and using it will be very simple and as long as you maintain it, this should last a long time too.


The Best Crossbow Package Under $500

When it comes to finding the best crossbow package under 500 it can seem like such a difficult task but there are many great crossbows that fit the market including the Center Point. The Center Point Sniper 370 CAMO Crossbow package is such a wonderful crossbow package to consider. Now, this is a real impressive package and it offers you everything you’ll ever need.



The design is rather appealing and offers a nice camouflage effect which is greatly needed to conceal you during your hunting expeditions. However, the construction is very strong and durable and this is certainly a reliable tool also. You are going to find the crossbow to be extremely sturdy and that is what you need so that you get a great finish.

The quad limb design really offers more stability and precision too. The CNC machined cam system is very appealing and its draw weight is around one eighty so that’s again impressive. However, this is fully adjustable and it offers a nice professional feel to it. The string suppressors are useful as it helps to make sure the fire is quiet.

Take Your Time to Find the Very Best Crossbow Under $500

While you have a few great options above, you still have to do your research. For instance, are you happy to spend up to a certain amount? Would you be happy to pay slightly more or less? Also, how accurate are the crossbows and do they have sights that can be attached or mounted? These are the things you want to think about before deciding which crossbow is the best for you personally.