Buying the Best EDC Pocket Knife without Overspending

EDC Pocket Knife without Overspending reviewsUpdated on: February 26, 2018

Everyday carry knives or EDC have taken off in recent years and it’s not hard to see why. Simple everyday tasks now require more assistance than ever before and it does mean EDC’s are useful. However these knives don’t have to cause you a lot of concern and they work like a regular knife.

The EDC comes with a blade (which can be fixed or folded) and have a strong handle as well. However, EDC pocket knives are more compact than standard knives so they are far easier to transport and carry out from one location to another. These pocket knives can offer most buyers a simpler way to handle everyday tasks without lugging a massive tool kit around.

Finding the best EDC pocket knife ever sounds like a looming prospect and in a way it is. What is the best EDC pocket knife? Well, in all honesty, everyone will have an opinion over this. There will be some who will say one is better and others who say another variety is. The truth is it is you who has to decide and it comes down to personality and needs. However finding the best can be easy if you put your mind to it.

Top 5 EDC Pocket Knife Reviews

Benchmade Precinct 320 Plain Drop Point G10 Handle

If you’re searching for the best EDC pocket knife, you might want to take a look at the Benchmade Precinct 320 plain drop point G10 handle. The AXIS lock mechanism is really quite appealing and this will help to ensure safety which is important.

This definitely offers a more compact feel and that is a standout feature to say the least. You might not think compact is what you need but you have to remember, compact counts. You don’t want a large EDC pocket knife because that defeats the point! However, this isn’t too small but nor is it too large. That is a great aspect to consider here and you will enjoy using this so much.

Another standout feature of the EDC must be the plaint drop point blade. This is really quite impressive and it’s compact so you don’t have to carry around a huge knife. However, the satin finish is great and very appealing. The carry clip is easy to slip onto your belt or into the pocket.


The Kershaw Starter Assisted Blackwash Handle & Blade

Kershaw is a big name and the Kershaw starter assisted blackwash handle & blade is a great EDC pocket knife to get your hands on. The EDC does look quite impressive. You have a simple design with a lot of quality so you cannot discount this in any way.

In terms of cost, you are getting a stunning price! It doesn’t matter whether you are someone working with a budget or just looking to be a bit more wary of how you spend, this is the EDC pocket knife for you. However, it does look amazing and in so many ways. You are getting a real durable knife.

You are getting a durable blade and that is very important to remember. When you have a strong blade you know it will last a lifetime and you don’t want to be buying new EDC knives every few months. This is a strong knife and it will handle a lot of tough day jobs.


Kershaw Leek Assisted Bead Blast Combo Edge

Buying the best EDC pocket knife is tough for those who aren’t really sure what they’re looking for. However there are quite a few impressive options to consider. The Kershaw leek assisted bead blast combo edge is truly one of the very best. You are not just getting a reliable tool but a strong one at best.

In terms of cost you are getting a fair price and even if you have a budget, this should fall nicely within it. The blade measures out around three inches so this is a nice and quite compact model which can be a great thing.

However, what stands out here must be how durable the knife is. It is so hard to get an EDC pocket knife that offers versatility, durability and reliability so having that with this is an amazing quality. You are going to adore this pocket and it certainly is one to use time and time again. Whether you want a compact knife or otherwise, this is definitely got something to offer; and it’s neatly priced.


The Optimus KEYRING MICRO Multi Tool

A lot of people would say the Optimus KEYRING Micro Multi tool isn’t in fact an EDC pocket knife but once you look at it, you’ll see it’s quite versatile. This is not only an EDC and those additional features are standout points. The overall look might be unusual but it’s quite reliable and this folding keyring pocket knife is top quality.

Costs are something in which most people struggle with and it can end up leaving them worried about how much they can actually afford to spend. However, with this EDC pocket knife, this is actually very good. You are getting a great quality tool and for a good price as well. This will definitely be one to consider.

If you want a durable tool then this has to be it. Also, it’s quite small so that helps to ensure its compact and it easy to take with you no matter where you go. That is a very important feature and it’s lightweight and very strong.


The M4-02 Assisted White Bone G10 Handle

For those searching for a real quality tool the M4-02 assisted white bone G10 handle is truly one to give a lot of thought over. Now, there is so much to say about this and the truth is the M4-02 can handle so much. Despite its smaller size, it’s very capable of handling tough everyday tasks.

One thing that stands out about this EDC pocket knife must be how reliable it is. Now for anyone buying a pocket knife they do want a reliable tool otherwise there is no point in using it. However, this is certainly a great quality tool and one you can be proud to own as well.

The M4-02 measures out to be around seven inches in total length and that’s a fair size. However the actual blade is just over three inches. The blade is made from strong steel and you will love how affordable this actually is.


What Is the Very Best EDC Folding Pocket Knife?

Folding pocket knives have really taken off in recent years and it’s not hard to see why. Since you can fold the pocket knife, it makes them far more appealing. They are more compact and far easier to carry around too. What’s not to like? However which is the best EDC folding pocket knife? Well that isn’t too difficult to find as long as you know what to look for.

The KUBEY mini Damascus steel folding EDC pocket knife is truly one of the very best folding pocket knives to consider today. This has been made from Damascus steel so that right there should tell you just how strong the blade is. However, the rosewood handle is a nice addition and the two inch blade is suitable for everyday use.

There is something that stands out about the folding pocket knife and it really looks top quality. Anyone who uses this will see its quality from the very beginning and there is a sleekness about it. Elegance shines through with ease.


What Is The Best EDC Pocket Knife?

The KUBEY large D2 steel flipper fast opening stonewash heavy duty tactical folding knife has to be the best EDC pocket knife. This EDC looks fierce and is a perfect addition to any collection. However, there is a very subtle appeal to this knife and it comes with an anti-slip feature which helps to ensure you don’t accidentally cut your hand whilst in use.

The KUBEY looks more like a tactical tool and yet it still offers all the quality you’d need and more. There is certainly something that stands out with this knife and it offers such a simple feel to it. The design is nice and the finish is quite good as well. This is suited to heavy duty use so that is a real plus point.

However, the quick opening flipper mechanism is quite appealing and this will help ensure you can use this with ease. On the durability side, you are getting a very high quality blade and one which offers so much. You are not going to find another EDC pocket knife like this anywhere, it’s really top quality.


What Is The Best EDC Pocket Knife Under $100?

Spending a hundred dollars on an EDC pocket knife might seem a lot to some but it can be a sensible budget. Of course, when you don’t want to overshoot this range you have to approach things smartly. However there are lots of amazing EDC pocket knives that fall well short of the one hundred dollar range and one of them has to be the CRKT 5460C fossil folding knife. This is the best EDC pocket knife under 100 or at least amongst the very best.

The overall look is unique in a way but interesting. It does come with an unusual finish but it’s nice and it does make the EDC pocket knife standout a lot more. However, the knife is more compact which is really good and it fits nicely into your pocket as well. The satin finish is lovely and the knife is perfectly shaped.

However, the blade has been made from the very best materials and high quality too. The length of the blade is three point forty one inches which is really good. The weight of the EDC is in fact pretty light so that is another appealing trait.


What Is The Best EDC Pocket Knife Under $50?       

Sticking to a budget less than 50 can be tough because you want to find a great quality knife without blowing a lot of money. However there are lots of great EDC pocket knives for less than fifty dollars and you just have to look for them. One of the best available today is the Cool Hand 3 inch black mirror ceramic blade carbon fiber handle.

This is the best EDC pocket knife under 50 and it does look quite nice. There is nothing too fancy with this but you don’t need that and it’s quite simple too but in a good way. You are going to adore this pocket knife and what it has to offer as well. When you first see this, you might be a little unsure but don’t let the look put you off as it has so much to offer.

This is a smaller EDC knife but the Cool Hand does appeal. The easy folding mechanism is simple to use and it’s compact so that should be the most appealing factor. The carbon fiber handle looks really nice as well and not too plain either.


What Is The Best EDC Pocket Knife For The Money?

When you are working with a fairly small budget then you have to be a bit frugal! You cannot spend until you really know about the product first. So, what is the best EDC pocket knife for the money? Well there are a few that stand out and one which looks very positive has to be the Real Steel H6-S1 Carbon G10 folding knife 14C28N tactical EDC Folder.

This Real Steel EDC does actually look quite appealing. Its overall design is very simple and yet it stands out for a lot of good reasons. The unique finish to the handle is lovely and the blade is large and very strong so those are pretty impressive features. The blade is strong, more so than you would think and it’s folding abilities are easy to use.

However the EDC isn’t too big but it isn’t too small either, it’s fair in size. You are going to adore the overall EDC and what it has to offer. This is well priced and the quality that comes from it is extremely high quality. You will love the pocket knife and what it offers too.


What Is The Best Budget EDC Pocket Knife?

Choosing the best budget EDC pocket knife isn’t as tough as it looks and there are in fact many great pocket knives to choose from also. So which is the best? Well the Kershaw 155TI Cryo Speed Safe Folding Knife has to be amongst the very best available today. The Kershaw does look extremely appealing and it’s certainly up there with the best of them.

The pocket knife feature is a lovely addition. It folds away for easy transportation and it looks quite appealing even if you aren’t a big knife collector. The silver finish to the knife looks good and the handle and blade are both extremely strong. You cannot complain about this knife as it’s very high quality.

However, the speed safe opening assistant feature is perfect and you shouldn’t have too much trouble with the blade overall. The weight of the EDC pocket knife is really quite light and that is an impressive feature to say the least. The blade’s steel is strong and the length of the blade is over two inches.


Choosing Wisely

EDC pocket knives are far easier to find than you would imagine and they really are some of the most versatile tools as well. They can come in use whether you plan to use this every day or occasionally. Buying the best is far easier too and you don’t have to spend a fortune either. The best EDC pocket knife is out there, you just need to find the one that suits you best.