The Best Walkie Talkie for Hunting


Updated: April 15, 2019

Hunting has become very popular of late and this famed sport is a firm favorite amongst many. However, hunting isn’t just about you strapping on a good pair of boots and heading out the door, it’s about being properly armed with the right accessories and tools. Walkie talkies are one very crucial piece of equipment hunters must have and the best is necessary to find. What is the best walkie talkie for hunting?

Top 5 walkie talkie for hunting reviews

1)The Motorola T100TP Walkie Talkie

In terms of cheapness, you can’t possibly find a cheaper model than the Motorola T100TP! This one is super cheap which makes it a perfect addition for those who don’t have a huge budget to spend. Also, if you want a reliable and top quality walkie talkie, the Motorola is the perfect one for you. However, these are best for close range communication which might not be to everyone’s taste. Nonetheless, the walkie talkie offers a lot for very little.

The walkie talkie offers over twenty different channels which are always very useful indeed. If you are a hunter who wants simplicity then this Motorola is the perfect fit. When you charge fully then you get eighteen hours of power which is great. Once you recharge the batteries you get great power so you can’t complain. Cutting range to around fifteen or sixteen miles range might not seem overly impressive but it should be suitable for most hunting trips.

2)The Midland Consumer LXT650VP3

Another of the very best walkie talkies for hunting must be the Midland. Midland has already many good models available today and the Consumer LXT650VP3 is another one of them. It’s high tech with some simple features. If you need a smaller walkie talkie the Midland is great; small but not overly small that you’ll end up losing it. Performance wise and it’s almost too perfect.

Hunting trips will be complete with this little walkie talkie and you get a good coverage too with almost thirty miles. That is impressive whether you are heading out with several people or one other. The radio will automatically scan the channels to find an active one which means you don’t have to do anything.

3)The Floureon Walkie Talkie

For those who are buying walkie talkies on a tight budget, you may find the Floureon twenty two channel model is the perfect fit. Now, this doesn’t have a lot of airs or graces or even a lot of flares but having said that, it’s smart! Hunters will absolutely love to use these walkie talkies and the range is fairly impressive too.

The walkie talkie comes with an LCD screen (which lights up) and the system is user-friendly. In case of emergencies you can use the LED torch. These work with simple batteries but you can get a few good hours of use from the walkie talkies too.

4)The Midland GXT1050VP4 Walkie Talkie

The Midland has to be one of the top 5 best walkie talkies for hunting to consider today. You probably have already heard of the name Midland but the GXT1050VP4 is really a top quality walkie talkie. The camouflage finish looks very smart and the price isn’t actually too costly which is a huge bonus for those unwilling to spend too much on a new walkie talkie.

Hunters are going to fall in love with this walkie talkie and the long range capabilities are impressive too. If you are heading out on a hunting trip soon and are going to have a partner accompanying you then this is one you want. It’s smart with its design and its features are simple but very effective and you aren’t going to have to worry about reliability either.

5)The Motorola MS355R Walkie Talkie

Motorola is a big name in technology and they have become a big sensation within the walkie talkie field too. The Motorola MS355R looks good and offers a high quality performance for a great price. Hunters will love to head out with these walkie talkies and it comes with a push to talk feature. The walkie talkie is in fact fully waterproof which is great. If you are heading out during a small storm or crossing water then you definitely need a waterproof device.

Battery power is good and anyone who hunts should find this to be useful. The price is actually impressive and super affordable also. Most hunting parties will enjoy the walkie talkie whether or not they go hunting often or only occasionally.

Best walkie talkie for hunting for the money

The Midland LXT600VP3 Walkie Talkie

If you are searching for the best walkie talkie for hunting for the money then you may want to consider the Midland LXT600VP3. This walkie talkie looks very basic but it is far more than that. The walkie talkie comes with a fair and almost average price which is great if you want good value for money. Also, it’s good to have a walkie talkie that is affordable as you know it’s not cost you a real fortune.

The LXT600VP3 comes with rechargeable batteries and the charger so you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries after every hunting trip. If you go for the basic black walkie talkie and not the yellow or camouflage design then you’ll get the devices at a little cheaper cost. However, you get a range of twenty six miles which is impressive and you get VOX hands free settings too. There is a five call alert setting too which is an advantage too.

Best cheap/budget walkie talkie for hunting

The Cobra CX312A-1 Walkie Talkie


The best budget walkie talkie for hunting must be the Cobra. Cobra is a massive name in electronics and the CX312A-1 is an impressive little model. If you are looking to save money or are working with a very small budget then this is the one for you. The Cobra looks basic with its overall design but let’s be honest, looks don’t count with walkie talkies. Also, once the device is up and running you’ll see it’s far more advanced.

The Cobra doesn’t cost more than twenty dollars and its performance is reliable and very powerful indeed. The radio offers a hands-free setting and there are ten weather channels too so you can keep updated with the latest weather. You don’t have to worry about this walkie talkie. It’ll be the one you can rely on.

Best overall walkie talkie for hunting

The Cobra CXT 1035R FLT Walkie Talkie

The CXT 1035R model from Cobra has to be the best overall walkie talkie for hunting. Now, the Cobra isn’t the most costly, nor is it the least, its right in between and that is what proves to be a huge hit. You’re getting a nice affordable price and the CXT 1035R floating walkie talkie looks good and even though you get an industrial feel to it, it offers enough quality. The orange and black finish is nice and offers an impressive thirty seven mile range.

The Cobra also offers a voice activated hands free feature which is a nice touch to any walkie talkie. The device has been designed so that it floats instead of sinks which is great if the walkie talkie happens to be dropped in water. The reward say again feature is another amazing feature and the built in radio receive allows you to keep updated with the latest weather news.

Best walkie talkie for hunting in woods

The Motorola MS350R Walkie Talkie

This has to be the best walkie talkie for hunting in woods. Now, it’s hard to know for sure which walkie talkie is going to be best for hunting in a wood or forest but the Motorola MS350R walkie talkie is a great device. The yellow finishing is nice and not overly costly either. The walkie talkie is actually waterproof.

If you can find a clearing somewhere then you shouldn’t have too much trouble with the Motorola. However, the cost for the device isn’t overly expensive which is a great feature indeed. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, this is a nice avenue to explore.

Best long range walkie talkie for hunting

The Uniden Submersible 50 Mile Walkie Talkies

The Uniden Submersible is the best long range walkie talkie for hunting or at least one of the very best available. The camouflage design is impressive and the costs aren’t too expensive either. Hunters who love to spend a lot of time outdoors will find the Uniden Submersible walkie talkie looks good. It covers around fifty miles of coverage which is great if you and your hunting partners spread out over a vast area.

You get various weather alert features and there are over six thousand channels available too. You can drop the walkie talkie in water and it won’t get damaged, so you can keep the walkie talkie in the water for around thirty minutes before you have to panic.

Buy the Best Walkie Talkie for Hunters

Going on a hunting trip can be extremely fun and exciting and when you are kitted out, you can feel so much more at ease. Finding the best walkie talkie can be so vastly important and it’s not hard to once you know what options are out there. The best walkie talkies are easy to find.