The Best Two Way Radios For Hunting in 2018

radio-for-hunting-the-bestUpdated on: April 10, 2018

Buying the best rated two way radios for hunting is crucial no matter how experienced the hunter may be. Hunting is a serious sport and if you aren’t prepared you could get into serious trouble. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to hunt small grazing deer or larger animals, being fully prepared can ensure you’re ready for any eventuality.

Two way radios are basic supplies for any outdoor hunter and if you’re hunting with a friend or companion then it’s especially important to ensure there is a way to keep in close contact. If you split up then you need a simple way to keep in touch and ensure the other’s safety but what are the best two way radios for hunting? Read on to find out which radios you may want to consider.

Top 5 Best two way radios for hunting reviews

1)The Uniden Submersible GMR5089-2CKHS

One of the very best and top rated two way radios for hunting has to be the Uniden Submersible. No matter what you plan to hunt or where you go hunting, this radio will prove to be the best. This is perfect for any occasion even when venturing on a boat. The Submersible is as expected waterproof and is able to float on water which is perfect should the radio make its way into the water. The radio can also survive almost thirty minutes of it being submerged in around two or three feet of water.

As we all know, accidents can happen and should the radio fall in water, it’s important to know it can survive. I know surviving in three feet of water doesn’t sound much but it’s actually impressive for a hunting radio. Receiving and transmitting range is a standard fifty miles which is excellent for any and all hunters. If you aren’t convinced, check out some of the best two way radios for hunting reviews and you’ll see what other experienced hunters think.

2)The Bao Feng Po Fung GT-3WP

If you are out in serious hunting territory then the Bao Feng Po Fung GT-3WP is the one for you. This offers a lovely professional look and it really works in heavily treed forests. You probably already know this but trees can block out the signals from radios unless you have a clear line of sight; however, the GT-3WP overcomes these issues. Price range isn’t overly bad either which is what most want and let’s be honest it’s hard to afford some of the more costly radios.

The GT-3WP comes with dual band (narrow and wide) and you can change between frequencies so easily too. The range for the radio isn’t overly impressive compared to some other of the top rated two way hunting radios but having said that, it still does the job nonetheless. The radio is waterproof and there is a nice FM receiver too. The battery life is good and there is a saving function so that helps preserve the battery. Features include hands free settings and an SOS alarm.

3)The Retivis H-777 Six Pack Hunting Radio

If you only require one set of hunting radios, you might think the Retivis H-777 six pack hunting radio set isn’t for you but actually you can save quite a bit of money. These radios are great for almost every hunter and the price for all six is really good. If you have a large group of people accompanying you then this is the one for you. For what you’re paying for six, you could easily pay for one so you’re able to save a great deal.

The H-777 has sixteen different channels and comes with a standard lithium battery pack too. The overall battery life is fairly good and the radio is also lightweight so you might not even realize you’re wearing this about your person! There is a good emergency alarm built in so if you ever get into trouble, this is a nice feature to fall back on.

4)The Motorola MR350R Two Way Radio

Another top rated two way radios for hunting has to stand in the form of Motorola. The Motorola MR350R is a powerful and very impressive little radio to accompany you whilst hunting. The overall design is a basic camouflage look that is actually really quite nice. On first glance, you’d think the radio would be very basic but in reality it’s far more advanced.

The push to talk (PTT) feature is a great advantage and transmission range stands at an impressive thirty five miles. Hunting with this is going to be a piece of cake and you and your partner can easily keep in contact with one another. The Motorola has 22 channels available and FRS too. The battery life can last around eight to nine hours depending if you have it on constantly or otherwise. Notifications tones are present when you want alerted to something.

5)The Midland GXT2050VP4 Two Way Radio

Two way radios don’t come any simpler than this. The Midland GXT2050VP4 not only looks good but stands out above the crowd. This is certainly up there amongst the top class of hunting radios and it’s a firm favorite too. There are fifty channels including FRS and GMRS; and the camouflage design is lovely also. If you’re worried about someone overhearing your conversations and taking your prey, there are privacy codes available so this will keep your conversations safe.

Amazingly, the radio comes with HD audio which is actually impressive for any radio and that is why it’s one of the very best on the market today. The Midland can cover a range of between thirty and thirty six miles so that adds another impressive touch to the radio. The radio even offers different call alerts to sound like animals such as ducks and turkeys; and the battery is a nice lithium rechargeable pack. Fast charge offers around two hours of life and the radio picks up the quietest of voices and waterproof.

Best two way radios for hunting for the money

The Motorola MS350R

The best two way radios for hunting for the money must be the Motorola MS350R. This beautiful little radio looks simple with a nice yellow and black design and comes with an easy-to-use, user-friendly feel. The cost for the MS350R is really impressive and whether you are an inexperienced or experienced hunter, the Motorola is a top quality radio.

The radio comes with a waterproof feature so that is useful as accidents happen and it reaches around thirty five miles in terms of transmission. The Motorola is actually really small in comparison with many others but that can be a great advantage of the radio; and its super lightweight too which is a real bonus. There are also twenty two channels available with a push to talk feature; it’s versatile with simplicity.

Best cheap/budget two way radios for hunting

The Bao Feng BF-888S Two Way Radio

If you are searching for the best budget two way radios for hunting must be the Bao Feng BF-888s two way radio. Now, opting for the six pack rather than the singular pack might sound a bit strange but it’s the smartest option for almost all hunters whether venturing out alone or with five others. These two ways radios are very cheap compared to many other radios and yet they are able to offer great quality nonetheless.

If you think about it, you’re paying around ten dollars per radio with the six pack so you certainly aren’t going to get another radio cheaper than that. Budget wise, this is the one for most and you can find this offers so much quality. You get a good battery life and quick charge up times too; and there is a power saving feature to help conserve energy. A built in emergency alarm function is also a nice additional feature.

Best overall two way radios for hunting

The Midland GXT1050VP4 Radio

The Midland GXT1050VP4 is the best overall two way radios for hunting. These radios are in fact quite small but that is good because hunters need compact tools and this is very compact. However, the cost isn’t overly pricey which is a good advantage and covers over thirty miles, (close to thirty six) so it’s overall really good.

Midland radios have continued to improve over time and this model proves to be a great hit. If you are searching for the very best two way radios for hunting this one must be the contender. It’s smart with many simple features like the hands free feature and vibrate feature for alarms. Weather and alarm scans are included too.

Best two way radios for elk hunting

The Cobra Walkie-Talkie Micro Talk CXR925 Two Way Radio

If you’re searching for the best two way radios for elk hunting, then you might want to consider the Cobra. The Cobra CXR925 is a great two way radio for when you go out hunting elk. Now, of course, everyone will have their own opinions over which are the best for hunting certain animals but the Cobra does look so impressive.

The overall cost for these two way radios are actually very good and the radio is able to cover around thirty five miles. There are twenty two channels available with 142 privacy codes so you can talk to your companions in secret. It comes with a built in rewind say again digital voice recorder which is good just in case you want to repeat a few things later. The rechargeable lithium battery offers long shelf life for hunters.

Best hunting radios

The Motorola MH230R Two Way Radio

If you want to find the very best hunting radios then you might want to take a close look at the Motorola MH230R twenty two channel FRS/GMRS two way radio. This offers a very simple design but it’s a design that works perfectly. The radio also comes with an affordable price which is useful whether you have a lot to spend or little.

The Motorola is a reliable radio and there are twenty two channels on offer as well and it comes with a range of twenty two miles. If the radio senses hazardous weather approaching the radio can alert you to that. The battery life is fairly good too and the radio is waterproof.

Best handheld radio for mountain

The Kenwood TK3402 Radio

The Kenwood TK3402 is the best handheld radio for mountain hunting and climbing. Most people think it’s a more of a business radio but in actual fact, it works perfectly outdoor, even on mountains! You wouldn’t think that would be the case however it is and it’s so powerful too. Battery life with the Kenwood is strong and while the range isn’t miles and miles, it’s still very good. Price wise, it’s fair and impressive for most users.

Best two way radios for mountain

The Uniden Submersible 50 Mile Two Way Radio

The best two way radios for mountain trekking and hunting have to be the Uniden Submersible. The GMR5089-2CKHS looks simple but that is the beauty of the radio. You are getting a nice designed radio without much fuss but overall, it’s so good. The radio is pretty pricey so many might not like the sound of this; however, just because you’re spending a little more, it’s worth it. There is a great fifty mile range coverage and twenty two channels too.

Best handheld radios for hunting

The Floureon 22 Channel Two Way Radio

The best handheld radios for hunting has to be the Floureon 22 channel GMRS FRS two way radios. Now, this radio is one on the inexpensive side and for many they will say hunting requires a big and pricey model but in reality no! The radio is going to do what you need and more.

The Floureon radio looks good with a nice red and black design and comes with a battery indicator and decent battery life. Any hunter will enjoy this radio and its affordable too which is a real bonus for those who don’t have much money to spend or who don’t want to spend much either.

Buy the Best

Two way radios are vital for those who plan to go hunting this season. Without such items you could easily get separated from your hunting partner and that is never a good thing. However, there are many good two way radios and if you take the time to understand what you need and what radios are out there, you can hopefully find the best. The best two way radios for hunting 2016 are out there, you just have to find the one that suits you.