The Best Survival Pocket Knife for Outdoor Adventures

Survival Pocket Knife for Outdoor Adventures ReviewsSurvival pocket knives are vastly popular pieces of equipment used in many outdoor ventures. These are useful tools that have become south after within recent years and it’s all down to how thousands are taking to the outdoor. However, pocket knives are typically foldable and can come with one blade or several depending on the exact model chosen.

The blade can be folded to fit inside the handle locking it into place. Once folded, a survival pocket knife can fit inside a pocket or clipped onto a belt for easy access. The blade can be anything from two inches to six inches in length and it’s considered to be a quite versatile tool as well. These knives are able to handle a lot in such little time.

Survival pocket knives are more suited for outdoor use such as hiking, hunting and even camping. The survival pocket knives have really shone through in many ways and it’s perfect for a vast array of outdoor events and occasions.

What is the best survival pocket knife? Well, this can be a tricky question but there are certain factors to consider first. For starters, you have to ensure you have a suitable budget set out, and you need to think about the type of steel you want as well as the handle type. However, if you have an idea of what you’re looking for then it can be easy to find the best survival pocket knife.

Top 5 survival pocket knife reviews

Benchmade BKC Bedlam Axis Folding Knife

As survival pocket knives go, the Benchmade BKC Bedlam axis folding knife has to be amongst the very best. These survival pocket knives really look and feel the part and if you’re someone outdoors a lot, you will feel far safer with one of these in your hands. However, the unique shaping of the blade is an appealing quality and it is incredibly strong as well so you know you’re getting a top quality pocket knife.

The folding mechanism is incredibly easy to work and even easier to learn. The blade steel is very strong and the G10 handle works perfectly for this pocket knife as well. However, this weighs in at around seven ounces, just over in fact and that isn’t too bad. This is light but still strong nonetheless. When folded out, the pocket knife can be nine point seventy six inches which is a fair size.

You do have to be careful when using the knife of course but if you’re savvy, you’ll ensure you don’t fool around with it. The price isn’t too bad either so that does make this an appealing little pocket knife to say the least. This looks smart and it can handle a lot of tough jobs as well.


Spyderco Sage Carbon Fiber Plain Edge Knife

Another great quality survival pocket knife to take a closer look at must be the Spyderco Sage carbon fiber plain edge knife. Now, at first, most would say this doesn’t look to be a very good or impressive survival pocket knife because it doesn’t look overly harmful but you are wrong. This is a very strong and durable pocket knife and a sharp one at best.

The Sage carbon fiber pocket knife does in fact offer a compact design but that can be a great thing. It comes with the highest quality blade (CPF-S30V steel to be exact) and it comes with a plain edge which makes cutting with this a piece of cake. The pocket knife is in fact a versatile tool and one which is going to offer you so much.

The overall weight isn’t too bad so you aren’t carrying around a vastly heavy pocket knife. Also, the twill woven carbon fiber handle offers lots of comfort even with prolonged use. The knife folds down easily and comes with a small clip to attach to your pocket or belt.


Browning Storm Front Mop Damascus Folder Knife

For those searching for a quality survival pocket knife, this Browning has to come into your thoughts. The Browning Storm Front Mop Damascus folder knife is truly a great little survival pocket knife to consider. This might not look overly fierce but it really is a quality knife and one that can provide you with a lot of support whilst out in the wilderness. You will be hard-pressed in finding another knife with these qualities.

The construction is impressive and the design is subtle but those are key qualities of the pocket knife. Buyers are getting a very fair price for this and that is very important indeed. However, the folding mechanism is simple to use and very easy to learn whether you’ve experience with these pocket knives.

This is a generally all around survival pocket knife that can handle almost anything you throw at it. It’s high quality and durable and this is going to be the one you rely on vastly. The Damascus steel blade helps to keep this lasting far longer than you would think as well.


The Benchmade Valet 485 Plain Drop Point

Survival pocket knives are vastly important for those spending days outdoors and there are going to be many who will find they come in use at the most unexpected moments. However buying the best can seem a little tough especially if you don’t have much experience with such things. One of the best survival pocket knives available today must be the Benchmade Valet 485 plain drop point G10 handle. The Valet looks very simple but it has so many appealing features.

The satin finish is very impressive and the G10 handle is truly a lovely feature. This makes it far easier to grip for prolonged periods of use. The AXIS locking mechanism is easy to use and whether you have experience or otherwise, you shouldn’t run into too much trouble. The blade steel is truly premium stainless steel and very durable!

However, the drop point blade is going to assist you in various camping and outdoor tasks. The Valet is quite an appealing tool for most and it shouldn’t be too difficult to get used to. The price of the knife isn’t too bad and its overall a lovely pocket knife to have with you when outdoors.


Spyderco C81GPDBL2 Paramilitary 2

There are going to be so many amazing choices to consider when it comes to survival pocket knives and it can be a simple choice once you know what it’s available to you. However, one which seems to standout from the crowd is the Spyderco C81GPDBL2 Paramilitary 2 pocket knife. The pocket knife is truly a lovely survival pocket knife and it’s going to offer you all the quality you need and so much more.

The pocket knife has a lovely unique shaping which is an appealing trait but the simple foldable blade is easy to use. When this is folded, it’s very light so it shouldn’t be too difficult to carry around whether you’re heading out for a small camping trip or a long weekend outdoors. The signature four position pocket clip allows for easy carrying but it’s not overly expensive which is very important.

The steel is incredibly strong and it is sturdy constructed. The overall design is really very appealing and the handle is easy to grip. This is going to be suitable for prolonged use as well. However, there are going to be a lot of standout qualities to enjoy with the survival pocket knife.


What Is The Best Folding Survival Knife?

Survival knives are important and not just to have around when you need to cut some rope. These knives can become crucial elements to those spending days or potentially weeks in the wilderness and it’s important to have the best with you. Choosing the best folding survival knife can be far simpler if you know what to look for that is. However, one which seems to be amongst the very best has to be the Benchmade Proxy 928 plain drop-point sand G10 handle.

The Proxy 928 comes with a sand G10 handle which is very appealing and it is easy to grip. The handle is in fact very comfortable and that’s good for prolonged use. However, the satin finish is quite an appealing feature and one that makes this standout too. The folding mechanism is very easy to use as well.

The drop point blade offers a more unique shaping when out and it comes with pressed titanium handle tubing as well which does make this incredibly strong. The premium stainless steel is truly a great addition as it ensures its durability and strength.


What Is The Best Survival Pocket Knife For The Money?

If you are someone who has to offer a little bit about money then you ideally want the very best survival pocket knife for the money. This isn’t too difficult to find and there are one or two that really showcase their quality such as the Benchmade. The Benchmade Loco 808 plain reverse Tanto pocket knife is a great quality knife for what you’re buying. This is certainly well worth the money and the G10 handle is smart, elegant and appealing.

The AXIS lock format makes this a lot safer to use and the sturdiness of the blade cannot be matched. It is truly a high quality item without it needing to put on a big show. The blade is made from premium stainless steel so that makes its incredibly strong, reliable and very durable indeed. However, the survival pocket is truly a nifty tool for outdoor adventurers.

The Benchmade is quite an appealing survival pocket knife and it comes with a very sensible price too so that is very important indeed. Getting a pocket knife that is versatile and with a good price is often hard to find but this one is able to provide everything and so much more.


What Is The Best Budget Survival Pocket Knife?

Choosing the best budget survival pocket knife is very important and there are quite a few on offers as well. However, if you’re looking for a top quality pocket knife then you might want to consider the DPX Gear DPX Heat. This pocket knife not only looks the part but is very strong, powerful and reliable too. Having the reliability factor present is very important indeed as this is what’s going to keep you alive and safe.

The overall length of the pocket knife sits at six point thirty three inches which is a fair sized pocket knife. This is a great survival pocket knife as it’s not overly big but rather compact with enough force to handle any task presented with it. In terms of price and quality, you’re paying little for a lot so that again is very important to remember.

However, the blade length is two point twenty six inches which is really good and the German D2 Steel makes this incredibly strong. The G10 scale handle is an appealing feature and the construction of the pocket knife is very impressive to say the least. When it’s folded it can be slipped into your pocket for ease and it doesn’t take up too much room either.


Buying the Best Survival Pocket Knife

Survival pocket knives aren’t just fancy showpieces but rather crucial tools for a variety of outdoor tasks. The decision over which pocket knife is chosen can be a tough one but one which must be well thought out so you can get the very best. These survival pocket knives really can become useful tools for anyone spending time outdoors. Buy the best survival pocket knife and ensure you have a great tool with you at all times when outdoors.