Best Longbow for Hunting

best-longbow-for-huntingHunters have turned back to old-school weapons during their hunts and one which is vastly popular is bows. Cross (compound) and longbows are the two main types of bows available and the longbow has proven itself to be a useful option. Hunters get that back-to-basics feel with the longbow and it is considered to be an accurate tool.

The longbow is typically longer or taller than the average compound bow and can match the height of a man or women too depending on the exact model. There are some customized longbows that can be curved in design and extremely tall and usually they form a D-shape with the bowstring attached. Users can load an arrow onto the bowstring and pull back, drawing their string and steadying their aim to fire. Longbows in fact date back hundreds of years and are considered hunters tools.

Every hunter wants to find the best longbow for hunting. If the wrong longbow is chosen the hunting trip can be ruined. You might not think the choice of longbow would make a difference, especially to newcomers to hunting and longbows, however they play a vital role. Making an informed decision over the longbow you use can be crucial.

What is the best longbow for hunting? Well, you do have a fair amount of choice on offer. You not only have to think about how much you’re prepared to spend but also what type of hunter you are. Do you prefer to hunt deer or elk? Or, are you an all-natural hunter hunting any animal that crosses your path? These are the things you must think about so that you find a suitable choice for your hunting trips.

Top 5 Best Longbow for Hunting Reviews


Bear Archery Montana Longbow Right Hand

Choosing the correct bow can be a little tough but the Bear Archery Montana longbow right hand is truly one of the top longbows to consider. This has a fair good price and it does come with a lovely finish too. The design is simply stunning and you know a lot of care and attention has gone into this. You wouldn’t think a longbow would be as high quality as this but it truly is and it stands out greatly too.



The longbow however isn’t too big and that can be important for those who don’t want a great lengthened longbow! However, this still offers enough accuracy whether you’re just starting out or have been at this for some time. The leather grip is impressive and makes it far easier to grip and hold during hunting sessions.

The Flemish string is perfect too as its strong and very durable. The longbow is very strong and that is something not often seen in such tools. However, the arrow gets a nice and clean flight from the string which is really important and the clear while maple finish is very appealing too. It’s reinforced with fiberglass and this is perfect too.


The SAS Maverick One Piece Traditional Wood Hunting Bow

One of the top quality longbows has to be the SAS Maverick one piece traditional wood hunting bow. The Maverick not only looks good but oozes quality from start to finish. Anyone who is lucky enough to get their hands on this will surely love it! This is a good sized longbow and it’s very sturdy too which is always a welcome bonus.



Having that sturdy construction is such a great feature as you know this is going to last time and time again. Most hunters worry about how long their longbows are going to last and its important the bow lasts throughout endless hunting sessions. If it doesn’t, you could be paying for a new bow every few weeks. However, with the Maverick you don’t have to worry about that as it’ll last forever.

The overall look is stunning and very appealing. Buyers will love this whether they’re just starting out or have been hunting for years. On the performance side it’s really high quality and it’ll offer good accuracy too. The slender shaping is another attractive feature as it makes users feel it’s far lighter; however, it’s comfortable to hold and not too heavy to carry out.


The MAYARMS Horn Longbow Hungarian Traditional Wood Bow Recurve Bow Handmade Archery Bow Laminated Bow

Longbows don’t come any better than the MAYARMS Horn Longbow Hungarian Traditional Wood Bow Recurve Bow Handmade Archery Bow Laminated Bow. This not only looks good but appeals to those who love to hunt. The longbow has a stunning design and finish too which are very important for hunters. Of course, the finish look might not always be important to every buyer but that doesn’t mean to say you still shouldn’t look for a nice longbow nonetheless.


The draw weight isn’t too heavy, it’s around forty or so pounds which isn’t overly heavy. However, the overall weight of the longbow isn’t too heavy. This is very important as many hunters want a lightweight and reliable longbow. The MAYARMS is around one hundred and thirty seven centimeters which is a fair size and its fiberglass finish looks great.

The longbow isn’t just suitable for right-handed hunters but left-handed hunters too which is great. That makes it versatile and suitable for all everyone. However, the longbow is very impressive and it includes the size and finish.


The Rose City Archery Jay Gonsalves Self Bow

For right-handed shooters, the Rose City Archery Jay Gonsalves self bow might be the ideal solution to consider. This is a beautifully crafted longbow and it has become a much-loved bow too. Anyone who is lucky enough to purchase this will truly be in for a marvelous treat. The bow isn’t overly big but not too small either; it’s nicely balanced and made from a hardwood core.



The bamboo belly is a nice addition to this longbow and it’s a great little addition for any hunter. You have a suitable price-tag too. However, the longbow is such a suitable little bow for any hunter and it’s going to be the perfect addition to any hunter’s tool.

However, if you are interested in improving your aim or getting more accuracy the Rose is the one for you. Hunters can get perfect shots (with some practice) and it can be easily cared for too. Anyone can enjoy using this bow.


The Archery Max Handmade Mongolian Style Longbow Black Leather Archery Traditional Recurve Bow

Hunting has become a famed sport of late and it truly has become a vastly popular option for thousands too. However, buying the very best is hard to find but not impossible. The Archery Max handmade Mongolian style longbow black leather archery traditional recurve bow is quite an impressive little bow to consider. This is for the professionals and it’s truly a useful hunting weapon also.



The cost for the longbow isn’t actually too expensive and that’s very important. You are getting a good quality bow and it is truly one to enjoy. However, the bow has been well constructed and it’s sturdy and very reliable and durable also. That is very important as hunters want a strong bow that is going to last for many hunting trips.

This has been made from the very best wood so you can be sure to get a lovely bow. Right and left handed shooters can use this bow and it offers a good draw length too. Accuracy is very good with this and its overall body length is just over fifty inches so it’s not overly big.


Which Is The Best Longbow For Hunting Deer?

The OMP Oct MTN Prod Smoky Mountain right hand recurve bow has to be the very best longbow for hunting deer. Now, choosing the right bow for deer can be tricky as some will say one bow is better than another and the truth is there is no golden bow for everyone! Every individual who hunts will find they have a bow they prefer over many others. The OMP really does looks utterly gorgeous and it offers a quality design for deer hunting.



The cost for the bow is actually very good and that is what most people will want. However, you are getting good quality for the price. The construction is truly impressive and very strong too. This has been made from hardwood maple so that is very good indeed. The fiberglass finish is truly an impressive design and it does offer a lot of beauty too.

The OMP not only looks good but offers a steady aim. Anyone can enjoy hunting with this great longbow and it’s really a lightweight option. That is great as you don’t want to carry around a heavy bow during your hunting trips.


Which Is The Best Longbow For Elk Hunting?

When you want to get outdoors and begin hunting serious animals you ideally want a great bow to assist you. There are in fact many good longbows to consider and making the choice between them all can be very difficult indeed but not impossible. The Long Bow Maker Hungarian style handmade longbow flagella recurve horse bow is a fantastic option and the best longbow for elk hunting. Of course there are many good longbows to consider and this one looks very good indeed.


The overall cost for this longbow isn’t as much as you’d think and it really is a top quality bow. There is quality from start to finish and you are sure to find what you need and more. The longbow is such a lovely piece and it has great craftsmanship too. The body length is around one hundred and forty five centimeters and you get a draw length of around twenty eight inches too.

Accuracy is rather impressive and it has been handmade as well which is amazing. You don’t often see too many handmade bows of today so that is great. However, it is great quality and it’s one to watch very closely too.


Which Is The Best Longbow For Hunting For Best Value?

Choosing between longbows can be extremely important as it’s a crucial element of any hunter however; it’s hard to know which is truly the best. So, what is the best longbow for hunting for best value? You do have a few options to consider including the Long Bow Maker Pigskin handmade traditional longbow Mongolian bow recurve horse bow.  The long bow maker is quite a quality name and for what you’re getting, you’re paying a fair amount.


However, this does offer the quality you need and want and it’s suitable for any level of hunter too. You are going to see this comes with a nice construction and it is certainly very sturdy and accurate too. There is so much on offer here and it does come with a lovely finish.

The longbow comes to around one hundred and forty eight centimeters in length which is a suitable size and you get a great draw length of around twenty eight inches. However, this is truly worth what you pay and it looks great no matter what you are going to hunt.


Which Is The Best Budget Longbow For Hunting?

Choosing between bows can be tough especially if you’re new to this but you have many good options available. When you have a budget to work with then you must be a little more conservative so that you can find the best valued. The SAS Pioneer traditional wood long bow has to be amongst the very best available today. This is the best budget longbow for hunting or certainly amongst the top bows to consider.



Users will pay a fairly decent price with this which isn’t too bad and you get a lovely finish as well. The fiberglass is top quality and it shows what it is capable of easily. However, you are getting a very easy tool to use, once you have the string attached and are ready to go hunting, nothing can stop you. This is a very sturdy longbow and it offers good stability as well which is very much welcomed.

Unfortunately this is recommended for right-hand hunters only but having said that, if you’re right-handed, it shouldn’t be an issue. It is a lovely longbow overall and comes with a stunning design and simplicity is at its best here.


Make a Careful Decision

Longbows are utterly gorgeous. These bows make hunting enjoyable and easy and you do get to feel as though you’re back in medieval times hunting dangerous predators. However, they are very much sturdy tools and one you can rely on also. Choosing the best isn’t as difficult as you might think and there are many great longbows to take your pick. The best longbow for hunting is incredibly simple so take your time and find a suitable one for you.