Best Hunting Bow Sight

hunting-bow-sight-reviewsWhat is a hunting bow sight? That is the question on many a minds and the truth is most don’t realize they are very basic tools for hunters. A hunting bow sight is a small round tool that allows a user to look through the sight and get a scope of the surrounding area and in particular, their target. Sights are small and can be mounted onto a bow but are very strongly made so they last a considerable period of time.

Hunters can detach and attach the sight whenever they feel necessary. When they look through the sight they aim at their target knowing just how far they are from their target. The hunter waits for the opportune moment and gets ready to take the shot.

Sights most not seem all that important to most and yet they are a crucial element of hunting. When you want to lock onto a target you need to know you have a clear shot and if not, what is standing in your way. If you are over fifty years away you might not see everything clearly so having the sight offers an up-close look without being nose-to-nose with the target. Sights can make hunting far easier and can offer you a longer range option than close-up fire only.

Read on and find the best hunting bow sight reviews.

Top 3 Rated Best Hunting Bow Sight Reviews


The HHA Sports .010 KP Optimizer Lite King Pin XL 5510 Sight

Choosing the best hunting bow sight can be far easier than you’d think and one of the very best must be the HHA Sports 0.10 KP Optimizer lite king pin XL 5510 sight. This hunting sight is a great tool to have and it’s certainly one that offers so much for so little. The sight does come with a lovely design and it’s one that’s simple but very appealing! Of course, the construction is at its best and a lot of care has been put into this as well.



The interchangeable wheels are really a great feature to have alongside this bow sight. This feature does allow for users to change between weight combinations and multiple arrow combinations as well. It’s all very quick indeed so you cannot complain about this in any way! However, it’s very precise in terms of accuracy and offers such a great operation. Once you have this set up you are good to go.

The sight tape magnifier is a nice addition too and this will ensure you can adjust a quarter yard which is very good. The wheel forward design is really an amazing option for hunters as they can mount to a quiver in no time at all. This is especially good for those using a bow and arrow.


Axcel Archery Sights Accu-Touch Carbon Pro Sight with X-41 Scope

Finding the perfect bow sight can be tough. When you’re out hunting, you want something that will assist you rather than hamper you otherwise it’s a real pain and a big nightmare into the bargain! However, the Axcel Archery sights accu-touch carbon pro sight with X-41 scope is such a fantastic sight to look into. Now, when you first see this sight, you might think it’s very basic but in truth it offers simplicity and that is crucial for hunters! You get a simple tool without any fuss.



The accu-click system is really a good option to have here and allows you to click onto your specific distance as well. The forty five degree sight tape is quite an impressive little feature to work with and it really a high quality sight. As soon as you set this up you feel like a pro and it’s really a simple designed sight that offers everything you need.

The single pin adjustable sight is great and easy to use. Mounting and dismounting the sight is very simple indeed and once you want to adjust the sight, you can. It takes only a few seconds and you don’t need both hands to do this either which is important if you have a target in sight. This is such a lovely sight to use in hunting.


Spot-Hogg Archery Products Spot Hogg 1 Pin .010 Hogg Father Sight

Anyone who is interested in hunting will want a great bow sight and one which stands out is the Spot-Hogg archery products spot Hogg 1 pin.010 Hogg father sight. The sight is quite an appealing tool and it’s one that stands out. The construction is amazing and very strong indeed however, it looks fantastic for any hunter.



In all honesty this is a very unique designed sight but it’s one that actually looks very good indeed. At first you might be taken aback by the look but it’s really nice. The large sight is strong, durable and very useful indeed. However, there is something about this sight that stands out and whether you think it’s the unique design or the quality it’s going to appeal to most.

The Spot-Hogg is really great for hunting. You will love how easy it is to change the sight for elevation and wind. The dovetail bar is actually detachable so that is a great feature especially if you aren’t a fan of this part. It’s durable and very reliable.


The Best Hunting Sight for Compound Bow

Choosing the best hunting sight for compound bow can be very simple indeed and there is one or two that stand out above the crowd. The Field Logic IQ 5 Pin sight is quite an impressive sight to say the least. This isn’t just a well priced sight but one that offers the quality you need and more. There is nothing to dislike about this and it truly is one of the best constructed sights as well.



The lime green colors to the top of the sight are very lovely indeed and offer something a little extra. However, the overall design is quite nice whether you’re a fan of color or want a simple or subtle feel. The Field Logic offers retina lock technology with this sight so that is very impressive indeed and you get to control your aim much more effectively also.

The built-in sight level is durable and strong. You don’t have to worry about this sight in any way! However, the tight stack pins are a great addition and it’s going to be one that allows you to adjust for elevation and wind. You don’t see that too option on hunting sights so that’s a welcomed feature.


The Best Single Pin Bow Sight for Hunting

Hunters are going to adore the HHA OL-5519 Optimizer lite .019 5500 sight! This is the best single pin bow sight for hunting or at least one of the very best available today! The sight is very well constructed and comes with a simple design too. This will allow users to connect the sight easily and without too much trouble. The lime green lining around the sight is actually very nice and it offers some warmth to it too.



The adjustable sight is very easy to use also and it looks like a no-messing about sight fit for professionals and amateurs alike! The cost is very affordable indeed and you can increase the yardage by five yards at a time so that’s good. Professionals will like how much this sight has to offer and while it might appear very basic, it’s very impressive to say the least!

Making adjustments requires really one hand and getting accuracy with this is very easy indeed. You might find using this for the first few times to be a bit strange if you aren’t used to sights but once you use it, it’s very easy to use. This is such a lovely sight and it’s one to adore time and time again.


The Best Single Pin Hunting Bow Sight

For some, they prefer bow sights that come with just one pin and it’s probably a firm favorite amongst many. So, which is the best single pin hunting bow sight? Well, the Truglo Range Rover archer’s choice zero-in 1-pin sight with light is a sight that stands out. Now, this looks very basic but offers hunters everything they need and more! This will do the job and it’ll be the simplest one to set up also.



The design is really quite appealing and even though there is nothing overly fancy with this, it doesn’t need it. The adjustable zero-in dial is really very impressive indeed and not something you see too often either. However, the adjustment dial comes with over eighty different yardage tapes and attaching the sight to the bow shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

The bracket offers a one-handed adjusting solution so that’s important. However, the sight isn’t overly expensive and it is constructed very well so it’ll last a long time! Any hunter who wants a single pin sight will love this one.


The Best Bow Sight for Elk Hunting

Choosing the very best bow sight for elk hunting isn’t as hard as it sounds. There are many great sights to choose from and one of top sights must be the Trophy Ridge 1 PIN .010 RH React one sight. This sight does look very professional and offers such a simple feel to it. It is going to be a suitable option for elk hunting and you will adore how simple this looks.



Now, for most they think looks are important and while they can be to a certain degree, it’s really the quality aspect you want to focus on more so than anything else! The Trophy Ridge is very durable and has been constructed extremely well too so that is perfect. It has been made from aluminum so it’s very strong indeed. However, the sight is easy to adjust and can be applied or removed whenever you feel necessary.

In terms of yardage it covers between twenty and one hundred yards so that should be suitable for most. The sight is quite an affordable one too and it is something that is suitable for professional hunters and occasional hunters just starting out.


The Best Bow Hunting Peep Sight

Hunting offers a new experience for most and it certainly can be a lot of fun. However, the type of sight you use can determine the type of hunter you are and most love the idea of peep sights. These are great little hunting sights and sometimes they can be more effective when you want to keep a low profile from your chosen target. The Archer Xtreme titanium Xtreme sight 5 pin 0.019 micro adjust sight is the best bow hunting peep sight to choose today.




The Archer Xtreme is actually a very nicely constructed sight and offers excellent durability and sturdiness. This is more of a compact sight but of course, that is what peep sights are all about, being more geared to subtle than obvious! However, the red edging to the scope is very lovely and it is easy to set up and remove also.

Since this is made from a two inch, titanium sight housing, it does help to contribute to better view even in bad light conditions. The HV Fiber guard ring system is a lovely addition and it does help to make this sight stand out more so than others. It’s strong, durable and going to last a very long time indeed.


The Best Hunting Bow Sight for the Money

For those who are a little more worried about money they need to look for bow sights that are much more affordable and still offers top quality. The best hunting bow sight for the money must be the HHA Optimizer Lite ultra sight DS-5519 RH. Now, this sight is really at its best as it offers quality from start to finish. However, the design is smaller than some bow sights but that can be a good thing depending on the type of sight you want and the bow you use also.



The green lining to the inside of the sight is a lovely feature and adjusting the sight will be extremely simple to do also. However, the sight is very easy to attach to the bow and remove afterwards which is a great bonus as you don’t want to be stuck removing this for hours! The sight is nicely priced and it is durable too.

The construction is sturdy so that helps to ensure this will last a lifetime and whether you have used these before or not, they’re easy to operate. The vibration is kept to a minimal with the sight and that’s down to the Mathews Harmonic Damper. The CNC aluminum construction is pure class and it’s really a nice sight to work with.


The Best Cheap Hunting Bow Sight

Hunting sights remain a crucial part of any hunter’s equipment simply because this is what assists in ensuring the target is lined up correctly. If you don’t have a good sight then your shot may go off-target and that is a wasted shot! However, the best cheap hunting bow sight is easy to find and one of the very best must be the Axcel 5 pin .019 fiber Armortech HD pro hunting sight. The sight not only offers a simple design but an excellent hunter’s tool that will help improve shots.


The design from Axcel is really good; there is nothing too fancy here but in all honesty you don’t need it. However, the sight is an excellent one to consider whether you are just starting out or have a lot of hunting hours behind you. The five pin design is really quite appealing and very useful too. The construction of the sight is excellent and the five pins won’t be shock loose either so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

The micro adjustable dovetail bracket is a lovely addition and it’s suitable for those with a left-handed bow as well as right-handed hunters. This is very easy to attach to your bow however and once it’s on you can enjoy hunting in style. If you wanted to remove the sight after use, it’s very easy to do so as well.


The Right Ones Are Easy To Find

Sights come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so it’s crucial to understand what you need and are actually going to use. There is no point in buying one sight if it doesn’t offer what you need so think carefully about what appeals to you. If there are certain things you must have such as the ability to adjust the sight single-handed then look for those especially.

However, you also need to take into consideration the cost and quality! There are so many things to think about and it’s necessary to know what you need before you buy. Once you know what you need and want buying the best hunting bow sight can be a piece of cake!