Choosing the Best EDC Knife under $100 for Your Everyday Tasks

best-edc-knife-under-100Updated on: February 25, 2019

In recent years, EDC knives have stormed ahead and there are now millions searching for these each and every day. Why is the EDC so popular? Well in all honesty, the EDC or everyday carry knife is perfect for a variety of simple everyday tasks such as opening boxes. These knives are very much like regular knives seen, they come with a handle and a strong steel blade; however, these can come in fixed blade or foldable blade format.

Choosing a suitable EDC knife is crucial despite what you might think. This can come in use for a variety of reasons and it can become your new best friend. However you do have to think about a few things such as the quality of the EDC knife as well as how versatile it really is. While most think money is the deciding factor for buyers, it isn’t always as the quality of the knife should be at the very top of the list of priorities.

If you aren’t too sure which EDC knives are best then you may want to think about checking out some reviews as well as setting out a limit. If you do both you can narrow your choices down significantly and hopefully find the one which meets your needs. The best EDC knife under 100 is out there, you just have to find it.

Top 5 EDC Knives under $100 Reviews

The Outdoor Edge Razor Lite EDC Folding Knife

For those who don’t have a lot of money to spend, the Outdoor Edge Razor Lite EDC folding knife has to be amongst the best options of today. This is a beautiful looking knife and it has a simple design that keeps buyers interested. You know the knife is a true quality piece and it’s certainly something to enjoy as well. Anyone who uses this will get a great everyday carry knife that will do what it needs without letting them down.

The construction is at its best of course and the blade is strong and very durable. However, the handle is easy to grip and hold so using this for short or prolonged period of time won’t become an issue. This is a folding knife so that makes it far more compact than ever before and this can be folded and put into a pocket for easy carrying. You shouldn’t have too much trouble with this EDC.

The blade itself is three and a half inches which is a decent length and it only weighs around two ounces, well, closer to three but still, that is very light. This won’t be too difficult to carry around and it will certainly assist you in any task as well. The belt clip is a great addition to have so that you don’t lose it unexpectedly.


The Columbia River Knife and Tool 5290 Tighe Rade EDC Knife

For those who are searching for quality, the Columbia River Knife and Tool 5290 Tighe Rade EDC knife is going to offer just that. This special EDC is not only strong but very versatile and if used correctly it can be a great tool for anyone. However, the subtle design is appealing and there is a quality about this that makes it stand out for all the right reasons.

The button lock is quite an appealing trait for this EDC. It offers more safety with the button lock and it makes it a lot easier to use as well. However, the polished aluminum handle is real quality and there is a dual blade grind which is quite impressive to say the least. The full length of the EDC stands in just under the eight inch mark which is pretty good.

However, the overall look of the EDC is very good and it is a powerful tool as well. There is a lovely appeal to this EDC and you know it will last the test of time. The construction of the EDC is pretty good and it’s reliable too.


Moorhaus Handmade Firestorm Damascus Blue & Black G10 Tracker

Anyone who is interested in getting a quality EDC that brings power and elegance will adore the Moorhaus handmade Firestorm Damascus blue and black G10 Tracker. Now, this EDC might not appeal to everyone because of its unusual design to the blade but that can be a good point if you think about it. There is an unusual finish to the Moorhaus that actually stands out and it’s a good thing really as it makes it a little more unique.

However, the Moorhaus does offer a lot of quality in terms of strength of the blade and its durability. This is made from Damascus steel and that is truly one of the world’s strongest steels available today. The EDC will be long-lasting because of the Damascus steel and it’s highly reliable as well. It falls under the 100 mark and the G10 handle is great.

The finish to the handle itself is unusual but appealing and the firestorm pattern is really quite nice. You might not think this is in fact an EDC but it can be as it’s so versatile. This is a strong knife and it can handle a lot of use too which is always a good thing.


Grizzly Bone Primitive Bush Hardwood Handle Blasted Satin

A lot of people think this is just a self defense weapon but in truth, it can be so much more than that. The Grizzly Bone Primitive Bush hardwood handle blasted satin is far more than just a defensive weapon, it can in fact become a great EDC knife. If you are someone who works a lot outdoors and need a reliable and very strong tool then the Primitive can be that.

This is a very imposing EDC and it comes with an excellent price. However, this is a serious weapon and one which must be used in the correct manner. You shouldn’t fool around with this. You can be well prepared for the day ahead with this EDC knife and it will last a very long time too. This is made from the best steel and it’s durable and reliable. Those traits help to ensure you can handle any task thrown your way.

The eight inch handle which is made from hardwood is strong and easy to grip. This is good for short or prolonged use and it does have a lot of uses as well. As said, most would dismiss this as an EDC but it really can be a great tool and one that is suitable for a host of reasons.


Hissatsu Assisted Black GRN Handle Black Tanto

When it comes to buying the very best EDC knife under 100, it’s hard because you have a lot of options to consider. One of those options has to be the Hissatsu Assisted black GRN handle black Tanto. Now, on first glance you will notice this is a more subtle knife and that can be very appealing for a host of reasons.

This is a foldable EDC which is great as it takes up less room and it far easier to store as well. Fixed blades are good but with folding blades you can require less space! However, the Hissatsu comes with a lovely price and is well designed. The balance is extremely good and this can be a great little everyday carry knife to assist you during your busy workday.

The entire length of the knife is over eight inches and the locking liner is a great and safe addition as well. The EDC does have a certain look about it that makes this far more appealing than it should be. It’s subtle but you know it’s strong and very durable as well.


The Best Fixed Blade EDC Knife Under $100

The Bradford Knives D02 Guardian 3 EDC OD Green has to be the best fixed blade EDC knife under 100. This knife not only looks its best but stands out for all the right reasons. When you see the EDC you will notice how high quality it looks and how appealing it is. You know this is an everyday carry knife that you can easily use without running into any trouble.

The Bradford does however have a lot of appealing features such as the handle. This is easy to grip and using for longer period of times won’t become an issue. Anyone can easily use this for a few everyday tasks. However, it does have a fair price and it looks very appealing too.

The great thing about the Bradford is that it’s very well constructed. Now, construction might not come into the mind of buyers but it is an important feature to say the least. If the construction isn’t good then the entire unit isn’t reliable. However this EDC is and it’s very strong indeed.


The Best EDC Folding Knife Under $100

The Benchmade 527 Mini-Presidio Ultra Pardue Design knife is truly amongst the best EDC’s available today. This has to be the best EDC folding knife under 100 and it truly is high quality. However, this is quite compact as the name might suggest but it still offers so much. This is truly a powerful tool and it is one that will not let you down either.

The blade length is only around two point ninety seven inches which is actually really good. Despite its small blade length, it’s incredibly strong and very durable indeed. However, the blade is really made from impressive steel and it comes with the AXIS lock too. This feature is truly a standout one to have and it looks amazing as well.

The Benchmade 527 folds easily and can be carried around in the pocket or in a bag without too much trouble either. This doesn’t look overly imposing and it isn’t in a way but it is a great EDC knife and it will do what you need it to.


The Best EDC Pocket Knife Under $100

Snap-On Folding pocket knife G-10 EDC has to be amongst the best available today. If you’re looking for the best EDC pocket knife under 100 the Snap-On might be it. This is small, compact but still very reliable and utterly strong too. The knife will be able to handle a lot and it truly is a great EDC as well. Most people would think since it looks more compact it won’t do what you need it to but that isn’t the case.

The design is very simple and yet there is certainly elegance about it. The construction is vastly impressive as it helps to combine strength with reliability. This is what you get with this EDC and it will shine through even if you aren’t convinced of its quality. There is so much that comes with this and you will not be let down in any way.

In terms of cost you are getting a fairly decent EDC pocket knife. There is a lot of quality on offer and yet the price is fairly good. This is what everyone needs and wants and certainly this is the one that packs a real punch. The quality to come from the Snap-On is quite impressive.


Making the Right Move

EDC knives have become very well sought after and yet many still struggle with their final choice. In all honesty it’s not too difficult to understand why most struggle. There are many great EDC’s available today and for the most part, they offer fairly decent quality. However, you have to think about everything in general and not just price or quality. You need to be sure the EDC is going to handle what you need it to and ensure it’s what you like.

A lot of people go on price alone but the overall style or look can be just as important. Of course, you might not think that’s necessary but at the end of the day, you’re the one using the EDC. Choose the best EDC knife under $100 and you’ll get a great tool.