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Crossbow Scope Reviews

Updated on: March 22, 2021

A scope is a device that allows a person to view targets in the distance. The scopes can be made from simple reflective lenses and housed in a strong, durable metal casing. The lenses are often waterproof to allow a hunter or shooter to use these during all elements. However, the scopes are strong and often compact to make them far easier to be attached and removed in a few seconds.

Crossbow scopes are very much the same as a rifle or handgun scope with the exception they are made especially for a crossbow. They offer the same qualities and offer the same purpose, they allow a hunter to see further and assist them whilst aiming at a target in the distance. They play a vital role in hunting and can in fact offer thousands the chance to become a more effective hunter.

Choosing the best crossbow scope can be highly important and it doesn’t have to be too difficult to find the right one, as long as you take your time to find a suitable fit. The following are some hopefully useful crossbow scope reviews that may assist you.

Top 3 Best Crossbow Scope Reviews


The Nikon Bolt XR Crossbow Scope Black Matte

One of the top quality scopes to choose from today has to be the Nikon Bolt XR crossbow scope lack matte. This scope is a perfect one for any crossbow and with the multi-coated lenses you know you have a real quality piece on your hands. The scope can magnify thirty two times which is really very good and it allows you to focus on your targets more effectively.



The crossbow scope is in fact fog proof which does come in use if you’re shooting in foggy conditions. However, this is also waterproof so again you can be out and about during a variety of elements and this scope can still be used. Though, it is quite a strong scope as it’s shockproof and while that might not seem much to you, it’s very impressive. It isn’t a big scope, it’s around eight inches or so and that’s great.

However, the Nikon Bolt XR does offer a lovely lightweight feel and this is superb for a host of reasons. Remember, scopes aren’t supposed to be too heavy as it can easily weigh down the crossbow so having that lightweight feel is excellent. The compact design is another standout feature and you really cannot complain about it in any way.


The Hawke Crossbow 1.5 5X32 IR SR Scope With Illuminated Circles

Crossbow scopes must come up to a certain standard in order to be effective and the Hawke Crossbow 1.5 5×32 IR SR scope with illuminated circles is truly a great scope to choose from. The scope doesn’t look too much from a picture but once you use this for the first time, you should see a big difference to your target shooting now.



The Hawke does actually look very impressive. Not too many may choose to focus on the design side of the scope but it really has got to be said this stands out for all the right reasons. The design is simple but very effective and it’s a top quality option for almost any crossbow too. The quality from the scope is at its best and it will be something to admire greatly.

Mounting the scope to a crossbow is very simple and it takes only a few seconds. However, the multi-coated lenses are really quite impressive and it helps with light transmission too. The costs are good and affordable and the Hawke is an appealing scope whether you’re out hunting or just doing some practice sessions.

Bear Archery Trophy Ridge Speed Comp XV525IR Crossbow Scope

Getting good value for money isn’t too difficult when you look at the Bear Archery Trophy ridge speed comp XV525IR crossbow scope. This scope is such a quality tool and one you will love to use time and time again. It offers a yardage between twenty and one hundred yards and the ultra clear glass makes spotting targets easy.




The construction of the scope is really at its best and you cannot ask for anything more. This is such a beautifully designed and sturdy scope and it’s going to be one that offers you everything you need and more. The black matte finish is lovely and while many won’t think too much about designs or styles, it’s good to know you still have a stylish scope to hand. The Bear Archery really does show off a lot of quality here.

This scope is a perfect addition to any crossbow and since it comes with an affordable price, more people will be attracted to it. However, it does offer everything you’ll need and more. It’s subtle with a hint of elegance and sleekness about it. This has got to be one of the very scopes available today.


The Best Crossbow Scope for Hunting

Hunters absolutely need to focus on their targets and when they are kitted out with the best equipment they have the best chance to succeed. Having a good scope might not seem so important but it really is. The best crossbow scope for hunting is great appreciated and one of the very best must be the Truglo crossbow 4×32 scope with rings TG8504B3. This might not seem much to look at but that’s the hidden gem, it’s subtle with a lot of power!



However, the design of the scope is really quite impressive as it offers a sleek finish. The construction has been undertaken very well and you know this is a sturdy tool just by looking at it. You are not going to find mounting or dismounting onto and off a crossbow too difficult as it offers easy attachment. This is durable and of course scratch resistant to the lens which is very important indeed to extend use.

The non-reflect matte finish is lovely and the rubber eye guard makes this a lot easier to use and very comfortable to look through also. The lenses are full coated so that helps with clarity as well as contrast. The scope is truly a quality tool and one hunter will enjoy using also.


The Best Crossbow Scope for Low Light Hunting

Low light hunting can be fun for any hunter but choosing the right scope that’ll work for that type of environment can be tricky. However if you’re looking for the best crossbow scope for low light hunting the Hawke crossbow 1.5 5×32 MAP scope with ballistic reticle may be the best scope to consider or at least one of the very best. This scope not only looks its best but offers the power and precision all hunters require.



Attaching the scope to the crossbow shouldn’t be too troublesome and it can be easily adjusted to suit every hunter’s needs. However, this is a high performance scope and one that is going to be aimed at serious hunters. Its price is very affordable and the precision with this is going to be very good indeed.

The Hawke is certainly a scope to enjoy and the construction is strong and very durable indeed. You are actually going to find the scope works amazingly well and it will last a very long time. This is what you really do want and it’s an ideal solution for many as well.


The Best Light Gathering Crossbow Scope

The Bushnell Legend Ultra HD DOA Crossbow reticle riflescope 1.75-5x32mm is the best light gathering crossbow scope to choose from today or at least one of the very best options to consider. This crossbow scope does look amazingly lovely and the matte finish does add perfection. This scope will appeal to most and it’s not hard to see why. When you first take look at this, you will absolutely enjoy this and it does look to be a stunning scope too.



The construction of the Bushnell is very strong and sturdy. However, that really helps to ensure durability and this is of course compact and portable. These traits are fantastic as hunters want a perfect scope that can be attached easily and removed when necessary. This is however perfect for crossbow hunting and it does offer a good range too as it stretches over fifty yards.

The eyepiece is quite simply designed and is ultra strong too so you know it’s a quality scope. The ED prime extra low dispersion glass is an appealing feature and you get HD view so that’s perfect. The scope is waterproof and fog proof so that is very good indeed. This is a perfect little scope for any hunter.


The Best Crossbow Scope Under $100

Budgets don’t stretch as far as you would like them to and sometimes you have to search for a scope that sometimes fall under the 100 mark. So which is the best crossbow scope under 100? Well, the UTG 4X32 1 Inch crossbow scope pro 5-step RGB reticle QD Rings could be amongst the best. This is such a lovely scope and it comes in under the 100 mark so that is an appealing prospect. However, the scope does look amazingly nice and very easy to use.



The overall design and construction is rather nice and you can tell it’s strong too! The construction is very sturdy and that makes it’s durable. Durability is going to help the scope last far longer and it’s going to be something that hunters want and need. This is a perfect scope for crossbows and adjusting the scope range is very easy indeed.

However, the UTG is certainly going to be a very simple scope to use. Once you have this mounted onto a crossbow it takes a few seconds to set up and use. The scope can be used whenever and wherever and it’s certainly compact which is perfect. This scope is going to be a greatly loved and adorned tool to use.


The Best Budget Crossbow Scope

The Barnett Crossbow scope has to be amongst the very best budget crossbow scopes of today and it’s not hard to see why. This is the best budget crossbow scope or at least one of the top scopes as it offers so much quality. The design is absolutely gorgeous and it is the perfect one for those struggling with a budget!



The scope comes with a programmed five point crosshair system and that is truly a fantastic feature. You don’t often get to see this crosshair system so that is a lovely addition. However, this is great for any crossbow including larger ones and it is shock proof. That is very important as it’s so easy to drop the scope. The scope is also water resistant so that again is a perfect addition to any scope.

The Barnett is truly one of the top quality scopes available today and it is a great solution for those who don’t have a great deal of money to spend. Of course, the look is really appealing and it’s one to appeal to most hunters too. This is going to be super easy to use and mounting the scope is easy as well.

The Best Crossbow Scope for Best Value

The Ten Point 3x Pro view 2 crossbow scope is truly one of the best valued crossbows. If you’re searching for the best crossbow scope for best value the Ten Point has to be it. This is not only an appealing scope but one that stands out for the best. However, this is truly going to be a great scope especially when it comes to using it for the first time.



Mounting and dismounting the scope will be a piece of cake and it’s going to be easy to maintain as well. However, this does come with a neat price so it’s not overly costly. The scope is going to be such a simple tool to use and one that stands out because of its portability and durability.

For those who are looking for a nicely constructed scope, this Ten Point has to be it. It is actually a lovely tool and one that is going to offer a lot of quality and its design is really nice. Now, the design isn’t always very important but you do want a nice design. This scope is truly a great option and it’s strong and durable too. Once you use this, it’s going to showcase its quality and it really is a lovely tool to consider.


Buying the Best Scopes

Scopes have become an important part of any hunter or archer. They are very basic tools and ones that are going to assist a shooter to find their target. Crossbow scopes can be easily attached and dismounted within seconds and when you have the best, you have a great tool to work with. Buying the best crossbow scope is very important and when you take the time to find the right one, it can be very effective indeed.