What Is The Best EDC Knife To Buy in 2017?

the best edc knife reviewsUpdated on: February 21, 2017

What is the best EDC knife? That has become a worldwide asked question and for many they aren’t really sure how to reply to it. The trouble is EDC knives are very popular at the moment and there are so many amazing options available as well. However, do you even know what EDC knives are?

EDC or Everyday Carry knives are very much like a standard knife with the exception they are usually smaller than the average outdoor knife. They are used for general everyday purpose tasks and are used by manufacture workers to deal with boxes as well as many outdoor adventurers. These knifes can come with a fixed blade or a folding one; for folding blades, it’s the handle that houses the blade when not in use.

If you are serious about the EDC knives you buy then you might want to look for the best EDC knife reviews. These reviews can be very beneficial and can assist you in learning more about the various EDC knives available today. You can hopefully decide which knives are suited to you and which can be ruled out also.

You might not think reviews are awfully important and yet they can assist you in so many ways. Find some of the best EDC knife reviews and hopefully you’ll find the best EDC knife today.

Top 5 EDC Knife Reviews

The Medford Knife and Tool Arktika EDC Folder Tumbled Titanium Handle

Choosing between the best EDC knife is a little tough as there are many great solutions to choose from however the Medford knife and Tool Arktika EDC folder tumbled titanium handle is a great option. This EDC not only looks the part but offers a nice rugged appeal. This is a perfect everyday carry knife and there is so much quality to come from it as well.

The titanium handle is an appealing quality to say the least and it’s a nice sensible size as well. The overall length stands over ten inches with the blade being over four inches. However, in terms of quality and stability, the EDC is excellent. There is nothing about this that will look awful or unappealing.

The Medford is a folding knife so the blade can be folded into the handle and carried in your pocket or in your bag. The frame lock system is a great addition to the EDC and the added pocket clip is a great feature too. However, this is truly a sturdy tool and one that has a strong blade as well.


BOKER Applegate A-F EDC Boot Knife

The BOKER Applegate A-F EDC Boot knife is truly a high quality knife to consider using. This is not only going to have a subtle design or appeal to it but has been well finished. The high quality graded steel blade is very good and super strong as well. You cannot dislike this knife in any way and it has a certain appeal to it.

However, this is a surprising EDC simply because it is far stronger than it looks. Of course, when you see the knife you will say you need no convincing it’s strong but it really is. What is more, the knife is easy to maintain and when it is stored in a sheath, it can be transported easily. You do have to be careful with this but hopefully you’ll already know that.

The BOKER comes with 440c stainless steel blade and the handle is strong and very comfortable to use. Holding the knife for prolonged periods of time is really easy to do and it shouldn’t cause too much trouble for anyone. The EDC is really neatly priced and it’s quite appealing from all angles.


Medford Knife and Tool Praetorian G/T Tactical Folder Knife

A lot of people dismiss this Medford as they believe it’s purely a tactical weapon but that isn’t the case. The Medford knife and Tool Praetorian G/T tactical folder knife can be an excellent EDC knife as well. It’s small but very powerful and it’s great for everyday use. The shorter blade offers a more compact feel about this which isn’t too bad but the handle is strong and very durable.

The blade length is around three and three quarter inches which isn’t too bad. However, it’s strong and very reliable. This is what you want as it helps to ensure the blade can handle anything thrown at it. Also, the blade is a good everyday tool and one that can be very useful indeed. It’s a plain edge but it still is strong enough for most.

The frame lock system helps to ensure the blade can be safely stored when not in use and it allows it to be easily carried and transported as well. Buyers are going to enjoy this Medford because it’s strong and appealing in every sense.


Dawson Knives Limited Run Fire Fox EDC Fixed Blade Knife Damascus Blade

The EDC knives are vastly popular today and the Dawson knives limited run Fire Fox EDC fixed blade knife Damascus blade is truly a great item to consider. This Dawson comes with a small weight but that shouldn’t put you off. The blade is a plain edge and it’s very strong and incredibly appealing for most buyers.

The Damascus blade is really an appealing feature of the knife. As most will know Damascus steel was once the strongest steel and having this with the knife is fantastic. You know you’re getting a real quality tool and it’s certainly one that is strong, durable and very reliable. However, having a reliable knife is an important trait for any buyer today. If it isn’t durable then it won’t last and then it’s a waste but this offers great durability.

The Dawson does look very appealing in a lot of ways. The fixed blade might not suit everyone but this is a real winner and for good reason. The blade is strong and you can be sure it’s less likely to be lost. However, the handle is sturdy and very strong indeed.


Medford Knife and Tool Colonial G/T EDC Folder OD G-10 Tumbled Handle

Anyone who is looking for a great EDC knife will find the Medford knife and Tool Colonial G/T ED folder OD G-10 tumbled handle to be an excellent EDC. This everyday carry knife not only looks the part but actually offers real quality. If you are someone who wants a strong tool then this is the one for you.

The frame lock safety system is truly a great addition to the EDC and it does help to improve safety so much. You are less likely to accidentally open the blade up so that is a real bonus as so many people has stupid little accidents. However, the carry system is easy and since this is foldable you can easily slip this into your pocket and take with you to work.

The plain edge blade with drop point is good and very sharp so you have to watch yourself when using this. However, the blade has been well finished and it is a nice compact knife as well. The blade is only three and a half inches when open so that’s nice and a sensible size.


The Best EDC Swiss Army Knife

Swiss army knives are versatile little tools and you ideally want the very best EDC Swiss army knife. So, what is the best? Well, the Purplebox Victorinox 53641 Swiss Army hunter lock blade knife outdoor EDC multi-tool is certainly amongst the very best EDC Swiss army knives. This is not only an impressive knife but a great all purpose one.

The Purplebox comes with a subtle but impressive design and it certainly is one to enjoy too. The various components are very impressive and it’s neatly priced as well. However, the quality of the EDC is there and this has to be one that offers real quality from start to finish.

The EDC Swiss army knife has a very sturdy construction and it’s durable. This is extremely important because the knife needs to be strong and reliable. However, if the tool isn’t strong enough then it won’t work effectively. That is why this is such a popular tool and it comes with a variety of features as well.


The Best High End EDC Knife

High end EDC knives aren’t too hard to find and Benchmade is truly a great brand to consider. The Benchmade Knife 484-1 Nakamura black carbon fiber handle plain edge folding blade is a perfect EDC to consider. This is the best high end EDC knife options available today or at least amongst the top EDC’s on the market.

The AXIS locking mechanism is truly impressive and this helps to bring an extra element of safety as well. This is really quite important as you don’t want to cause a minor accident! However, if you are someone who needs to use EDC’s then the Benchmade is a great solution. This is strong and very appealing.

The overall construction of the Benchmade is quite good. It is sturdy and extremely strong and that is what every buyer wants and needs. The blade is incredibly strong too and that is vastly important as you want a durable tool that will last a lifetime. The drop point blade is also an appealing feature and the handle is easy to hold as well.


The Best EDC Knife Made In USA

For those searching for the best EDC knife made in USA, the Guardian Tactical EXILIX mini manual folder knife is truly a great EDC to consider. Now, most would say this is built more so for tactical exercises but in all honesty it can work perfectly as an EDC. The design is very subtle and yet very appealing and the easy folding mechanism are easy to use.

However, the Guardian truly looks like a sturdy tool and that is something to remember. When you need a general all purpose EDC that can handle anything you want something that is strong and powerful enough to handle. This reliable tool really brings out a new sense of style and elegance and it’s certainly going to be an appealing EDC also.

The Guardian is a little smaller than you might think but it’s still a fair sized item. You don’t have to have experience using these before as they are almost too easy to work. They are safe as long as you use them in the correct manner and they are appealing in many ways.


The Best EDC Keychain Knife

The Generic Portable multifunction folding pliers stainless steel keychain EDC knife is perfect. You are going to enjoy this so much as it’s small, compact but vastly strong. In terms of performance you are getting a great tool. This is a valued tool and one which is going to offer so much for so little.

In terms of quality this is a great tool. Now, since this is an EDC keychain knife, you might think this is far too small and not overly impress but it is. This is a strong tool and it’s one that is going to last a lifetime too. You are not only getting a quality item but one which is vastly strong and multi-purpose.

Having a multi-purpose tool is important and this EDC is truly the best EDC keychain knife to consider. You are getting a neat price and its foldable too so that is a real bonus. This is vastly popular and versatile too. This will be a very important tool to consider.


The Best EDC Knife Blade Steel

Choosing the very best EDC knife blade steel can be very easy if you know what to look for. Damascus steel has to be amongst the very best blade steel to look for since it’s strong and vastly durable. One of the best knives available today with Damascus steel is the Cool Hand VG10 Damascus Blade.

The EDC not only looks good but is incredibly strong and durable. You are going to find the blade to be incredibly strong and this is something you absolutely want and need. This is going to ensure the blade is going to last a very long time and there is no better steel! The Cool Hand VG10 is actually quite compact.

The folding blade sits comfortably within the handle and the locking system ensures safety. The Cool Hand VG10 looks amazing and it is nicely priced as well. That is why more and more are choosing to use these knives all the time. The EDC is quite a strong tool.


The Best EDC Knife for Defense

If you are someone who spends their days outdoors then an EDC knife that also be used for defense is vastly important to find. These types of tools are going to help ensure you get everything you need and more because while it’s a general everyday carry knife, it can be used to defend yourself also. Which is the best EDC knife for defense? This isn’t such a tough question to ask as the M1 Assist by Combative Edge is truly a great EDC knife to consider.

The Combative Edge M1 Assist is quite an appealing EDC and since it has versatility on offer, it makes this far more sought after. The truth is it isn’t just an EDC, it’s an all purpose knife which can be highly important for most buyers. This offers a three point eighty seven inch blade and is incredibly strong and durable. There is so much on offer that will make you sit up and take notice.

However, the M1 does have so many amazing features including the folding blade lock system. This will help keep you safe at all times and it isn’t too costly either. Having the EDC neatly priced is perfect and it will make this far more appealing as well.


The Best EDC Knife Design

In terms of design this can be vastly important for users. You don’t want an EDC with a crazy design otherwise it isn’t viable and that isn’t what you want. So, what is the best EDC knife design? The simple full flat ground blade must be the one to consider. This is a simply designed blade but it is strong and very appealing; and the Spyderco C181 GTIP Lil Lion Spy G-10 is the EDC to consider.

This EDC is strong, durable and going to last a lifetime. If you are someone who enjoy spending time outdoors and needs a general tool for everyday use the Spyderco will be the right solution to choose from. This comes with a full flat ground ELMAX blade and comes with a reeve integral lock system too which is great.

The EDC is quite appealing in terms of design and construction. There isn’t anything too fancy with this but that is great and it comes with a lovely finish as well. You will appreciate this so much and you will find how easy it is to use as well.


The Best EDC Knife Ever Made

Choosing between EDC’s can be real challenging as there are so many great options to choose from today. However, you can easily find a top quality EDC if you put your mind to it. One of the very best must be the Pohl One EDC liner lock. This is the best EDC knife ever made or certainly amongst the very best and the price isn’t what makes this the best, it’s the sheer quality on offer. You cannot complain about this tool and it will be one to enjoy.

The unique finish to the handle is very appealing. The two tonal coloring is nice and it makes this feel very rustic and rugged. These are two very important traits as they make the EDC more authentic in a way and more appealing. However, the handle is easy to grip and comfortable as well which can be very important.

The EDC’s blade is strong and has been made from the best materials as well. You do have to remember that strength is what is needed when it comes to blades as these are the most important parts. Without strength you don’t have an EDC knife.


The Best EDC Knife Edge Angle

Selecting the best EDC knife edge angle can be far simpler and there are one or two EDC’s that stand out from the crowd. One of which is the Combative Edge CBE00438 Ultra Thin EDC bearing folder folding knife. Now, on first glance you will find this to be imposing and very fierce looking and it truly is a quality item! However, it’s good for everyday uses as well.

The durability factor with this is very impressive indeed. You are going to find it extremely difficult to find such a high quality EDC than this as its super appealing. The price is not too bad and it’s one you will appreciate as well. This is a big name and the EDC does have a lot to offer so you will truly love this amazing EDC.

However, the blade has been made from the best steel available and the handle has also been made from high quality materials. The handle is also very safe to hold and comfortable too even when using this for longer periods of time. The Combative Edge is truly a great EDC knife and one you probably will adore.


The Best EDC Knife Fixed Blades

Fixed blades are very popular as they are considered strong and reliable. Finding the best EDC knife fixed blades can be far simpler since the market narrows. However one of the very best may be the BOKER German Expedition EDC BO03633. This looks amazing and is fantastically reliable and appealing to all buyers.

The BOKER can offer so much for such an affordable price and for that reason, it will become very popular indeed. However, BOKER is a big name and it’s certainly one to offer great quality and an impressively strong blade. As most buyers will know, getting a strong and very durable blade is highly necessary and it’s one you may one-day rely on as well.

The unusual handle might not appeal to everyone and yet it’s quite nice. It’s simple and elegant and it will do whatever you need it to do. However, the handle is still quite strong despite what you might think and it’s quite appealing as well. The price is very affordable and the strength of the EDC in general is at its best.


The Best EDC Knife for a Girl

EDC’s aren’t just for men, girls can use them also and choosing the best EDC knife for girl can be extremely easy to find. One of the top options to consider today must be the Benchmade Loco 808 Serrated reverse Tanto. Now, you might not think this is a girly weapon but let’s be honest, what is a girly knife? Exactly, no-one knows because knives aren’t just made for men!

This knife is extremely versatile and suitable for most people as well. This EDC is strong and very durable indeed. The blade comes with the best stainless steel available today and that makes it very strong so that is a great bonus feature. The handle is also quite durable so that will last a lifetime. However, it isn’t overly pricey and yet it still brings the quality you need.

The AXIS lock is a great mechanism as it helps to protect you greatly. The G10 handle is very comfortable to use and it feels like a great little EDC knife. You are going to get so much from this for so little. The quality is there and it’s so easy to see.


The Best EDC Knife Glassbreaker

Choosing the best EDC knife glass breaker can be very important. You don’t know when an emergency will arise and if you aren’t prepared you are put into further danger. However, find the best EDC with glass break might be the ANVIL BLADESMITHS TM Bull shark G-10 8CR13 tactical rescue spring assisted open pocket knife with glass breaker.

The ANVIL might not appear to be a conventional EDC and yet there is something about it that stands out. The glass breaker feature is truly an impressive part of the knife and it certainly can put your mind at ease knowing if an emergency occurs, you have this to hand. The knife is neatly priced and looks very modern.

The folding blade is easy to use and it makes it’s more conventional in a sense. The handle provides an excellent grip hold whether you are using this in dry or wet conditions. This is also very light so that should make it a breeze to carry around as well.


The Best EDC Hunting Knife

If you’re a hunter or someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, you absolutely need the best pieces of equipment to assist you. There is nothing better than an EDC hunting knife. This is the one that is going to keep you safe and it can be a handy tool for everyday use. The Dawson USA Knives Trapper 4 fixed blade hunting knife is a perfect addition to your collection.

The cost for the Dawson is very impressive and it should appeal to most buyers as well. However, the overall length of the knife sits around six and a half inches and it comes with a very good and strong blade as well. The handle is incredibly strong and vastly appealing as well.

However, this is a perfect option for those spending a lot of time outdoors and it really can handle so much. There is a durable and very strong handle and it is comfortable to use as well which is a real bonus.


The Best Heavy Duty EDC Knife

Everyday carry knives can vary in terms of what they offer; some can be used for minimal tasks and some are more suited to heavy duty tasks. Buying the best heavy duty EDC knife can be incredibly easy to do and there are lots of amazing EDC’s to choose from. One of the best must be the Benchmade Knife 940BK Osborne; and it truly stands shoulders above the rest.

However, the EDC offers a more subtle look and yet it is able to handle so much. You wouldn’t think the knife was heavy duty but it is and that has made this far more appealing than it ever was. Getting a sense of heavy duty can really attract buyers far and wide as it is what most requires. However, the Benchmade is durable and the blade is strong.

You are getting a plain edge blade with a lovely black finish and the style of blade is very simple too. However, the reversible tip up is a nice addition and the handle is strong and very sturdy. The blade is striking in every sense of that word. The blade is well balanced and it is nicely priced as well.


The Best Left Handed EDC Knife

The Benchmade GRIPTILIAN 55HG is one of the very best EDC’s available today. If you’re searching for the best left handed EDC knife the Benchmade might be it and it does look very appealing. The satin finish is perfect and the handle is made from glass filled nylon. This is a lovely EDC knife and one which is great for both right and left handed users.

In terms of construction, the Benchmade is very sturdy and that is important. Having a tool that is sturdy is vitally important as it helps to ensure the EDC will last a very long time. However the durability is great and this is a reliable EDC to use as well. Anyone who is looking for a left handed EDC will enjoy using the Benchmade.

You might not be overly convinced the Benchmade is for left handed people but it’s suitable for everyone so that is a real bonus. You have a plain edge blade and it will be incredibly easy to fold and open up again. The cost for the knife is really quite affordable and it’s high quality as well.


The Best EDC Knife at 2.5 Inches

When it comes to EDC knives you want one which is strong, durable and very reliable. However, it’s hard to find one which covers all three points. You need to look extra hard for one that suits your needs and there is one or two that fits the bill. One of the best 2.5 inches EDC knife is the Dawson USA Knives Trapper 4 Damascus steel fixed blade hunting knife.

This is a two and a half inch blade length which is still incredibly strong and durable. The steel has been made from Damascus steel and that will make the blade extremely versatile. You can rely on this blade for a lot of tasks and it’s really quite impressive.

However the cost for the knife is quite affordable and reasonable too. The finish does however look very stunning. The lovely finish to the handle especially stands out and it looks so modern and sleek. That is the standout point and even though the look isn’t always so important, it’s still worth mentioning.


The Best EDC Knife in the World

Choosing the best EDC knife in the world is tough as you have many great options to consider. However, one of the very best must be the Quake XL Assisted Flat dark earth with aluminum handle. This is a high quality EDC and one you can take with you no matter where you go. The VG-10 handle is superb and offers a comfortable grip.

In terms of looks, buyers will enjoy what this has to offer. There is a subtle look about it but there is also a very rugged appearance and that is something in which stands out for all the right reasons. You can absolutely enjoy this.

Costs aren’t too bad for the Quake either and that’s vastly important. There aren’t many who can afford to spend a lot on these so it’s great you’re getting an affordable price. You will utterly enjoy this EDC and what it provides.


The Best High Quality EDC Pocket Knife

The Benchmade Triage Black knife is truly the best high quality EDC pocket knife available today. This not only looks the part but stands out for all the right reasons. When the pocket knife is opened up, the blade looks imposing but it can also be folded down for easy storage. Transporting the pocket knife is actually very easy to do and you shouldn’t have too much trouble either.

The AXIS locking mechanism helps to add an element of safety. However you will find that the belt clip allows you to clip this neatly onto your belt so it isn’t likely to get lost any time soon. The design of the EDC is very nice with a modern feel to it. However, the quality of the knife is really at its best. This is high quality and it’s so easy to see it.

The Benchmade Triage has some nifty little features and it is these which ensure the knife stands out. This is not only a quality EDC but a great addition to any collection as well. The Benchmade is strong, durable and very reliable indeed.


The Best EDC Victorinox Knife

The Victorinox Swiss army work champ pocket knife is really a lovely EDC. If you have been looking for a versatile tool that comes with a subtle design but true quality, this has to be it. The EDC doesn’t just look nice but offer everything you would need and more.

The endless features here with the Victorinox are truly at its best. You would be so surprised when you got this because it’s so multi-functional and that is what makes it the very best EDC Victorinox knife of today. This isn’t something you often see or come across so when you see it in all its glory, it truly is an appealing EDC.

This has been made in Switzerland and of course, it’s high quality in every sense of the word! However, when closed the EDC is around four point thirty seven inches which isn’t too bad. This is definitely used for transport and easy-access. The compact design is perfect and this is really quite sturdy as well.


The Best EDC Knife for Camping

The Benchmade McHenry and Williams Design AXIS Sequel knife is truly amongst the top options when it comes to camping equipment. This has to be the best EDC knife for camping or at least amongst the very best. You are not only getting a sturdy tool but one that offers everything you need and more! There is quality at every turn and a perfect addition to your camping gear.

However, there is something about the EDC that screams out. The design is rather appealing and the finish is simple yet effective. The knife is foldable so that makes it extremely easy to transport and carry on long camping trips. This can be used to help in medical situations or to deal with some smaller bits of firewood.

The length of the blade stands at just less than three inches which is a fair size. The stainless steel is incredibly strong and that helps to offer durability. This is suitable for left and right handed individuals and the AXIS locking mechanism is great.


The Best EDC Multi Tool Knife

The Victorinox Swiss Champ SOS set Swiss army knife is truly the best EDC multi tool knife available today. This not only looks great but is so versatile too. Having that versatility is crucial as it assists in almost anything and everything you might need today! You are getting a great quality tool and there is no doubt about that!

However, the Swiss Champ is a great camping, hiking and hunting tool and a general EDC knife. If you are someone who plans to spend a lot of time outdoors then this is the knife for you. It’s super easy to use and there are a host of features to enjoy as well. However, the cost for the EDC is incredibly affordable and that is a surprising addition.

When it comes to EDC multi tool knives you ideally want a reliable tool and with the Swiss Champ you’re getting that and so much more. This is reliable but it is also versatile and extremely strong. You can rely on this no matter what and since it’s strong you know it will last a very long time too.


The Best EDC Knife for the Money

The Benchmade Knife 15031-1 North Fork Folder G10 handle is truly amongst the very best EDC knives. If you’re looking for the best EDC knife for the money, the Benchmade really ranks highly. This is a lovely looking knife and it’s one that stands out for all the right reasons.

If you want a more budget conscious choice, the Benchmade is an appealing choice and it does offer great value for money. The AXIS lock is really quite good and makes it’s far easier to open and close the blade. The blade steel is very strong and it made from premium steel as well. The handle is easy to grip and the drop point blade is great.

The Benchmade has a lovely finish to it and it looks superb. The overall design is very simple and very tasteful at the same time. You are sure to enjoy the knife and it’s a great everyday carry knife as well. This is strong, durable and extremely reliable!


The Best Cheap EDC Knife

As most will know, money doesn’t always stretch far enough and finding a way to save is crucial. However when it comes to EDC knives you don’t want to skimp; that doesn’t mean to say you still can’t get a great bargain if you know where to look. The best cheap EDC knife has to be the Zero Tolerance G10 Handle with speed safe.

The G10 handle is really quite appealing and it is textured with a matte black scale finish which is really quite lovely. This is going to allow for easy and secure grip which is going to assist most users in controlling the knife far easier. However, it comes with a neat and affordable price.

The quad mounting system is nice and the folding ability is quite easy to use as well. Opening and closing the blade is a piece of cake! The speed safe assisted opening system helps to ensure you can open with any hand and one hand only.


Take Your Time and You’ll Find the Best

Most people struggle to find an everyday carry knife that suits their needs and in a small way it can be a little tough. You have so many knives to choose from and when you’re working with a budget, narrowing the field can be troublesome. However, now you know what options you have, choosing can be very easy indeed. Buy the best EDC knife and get great value for money.